Skeleton Key

60 minutes * Recommended for 2-6 players

London, 1896. H.G. Wells, renowned author of bestselling novel The Time Machine, has disappeared. Mr. Wells was recently working on a new book, The Skeleton Key, and was rumored to have become obsessed with tales of pirate gold and high-seas adventure.

Mr. Wells was last seen working on his book alone in his study. This is where your mystery begins. Where – and when – it will end is for you to discover.

Skeleton Key Flyer


60 minutes * Recommended for 4-10 players

You have signed up to be a psychological test subject at the mysterious Minerva Corporation. There you meet C.O.L.I.N., an artificial intelligence designed to monitor your tests. With all the scientists missing and the doors locked behind you, you realize that C.O.L.I.N. has taken over the facility…and he wants you to play his games.

Escape Key flyer: Minerva Corp Welcome Form

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